Do your straws bend?

Unless you have superman powers and can melt steel, then no.  They do not bend.  However, if we get enough enquires for bent ones then we will start stocking them.


I’ve used my straw and now need to clean it. But how?

Luckily for you, each pack comes with a free cleaning brush!  Add some detergent to the bristles, hot water and pump up and down your straw like you’re… pumping up a balloon… hmmm


My bag is full of sand and chip crumbs, how do I keep my straw from getting dirty?

Firstly, clean out your bag. Secondly, we’re working on creating some wicked pouches for your straw to go in.  Watch this space!


Dude, I love our oceans too. What can I do to help?

Get on them socials, call up your granny and spread the #beStrawesome word!  Educate your fellows on how crap plastic is for our planet and tell them to do something about it.